Dog & Cat Flaps

Doggie doors, or pet doors, are traditionally installed through a door to allow your pet to move freely through the doorway even when the door is closed with the need for you to open it for them. Doggie doors and cat doors can be installed in interior or exterior doors depending on your needs.

Doggie doors are perfect for people with traditional or invisible fencing who can safely let their dog out at any time with the confidence that the pet will remain in the yard. Doggie doors make house training easy on you and your pet by allowing them access to the outdoors without your help. Dog doors are also commonly used to allow pets to move between areas of the house where there is a closed door. Many people prefer to keep their cat's litter box behind a closed door, for example. Installing a pet door allows you to keep the unsightly litter box out of view while still allowing your cat access. 

Dog doors are easy to install and require only basic tools and a couple of hours of your time. A range of dog doors are available to suit your needs and preferences. Dog doors may have a plastic or aluminum frame, be designed for interior or exterior use, and have different flap styles suited to different installation locations. 

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